Campus Ministry / Personal Evangelism / English Camp

Cambodia is a beautiful and lush country with friendly people. But the people bear tremendous grief and hurt stemming from the genocide thirty years ago. As a result, the country has experienced much turmoil in its past years. Buddhism is the dominant faith that many hold in this nation. The people need Jesus to move forward from the devastation that befell Cambodia. The genocide purged the nation of all its intellectuals, religious figures, and leaders. Therefore, the future of the nation lies with the next generation of leaders, the students. These students will hold tremendous influence over Cambodia’s future. Half of Cambodia’s population is younger than twenty. Imagine them leading the country in a Godly manner. Come and engage the country’s future leaders, and literally watch God shape the course of history.

Boston / Wave 1 / $3,900
SoCal / Wave 2 / $3,750