Campus Ministry / Personal Evangelism

One of the most secularized nation in the world, Japan’s population in Christianity only remains around 1%.  While it is difficult to see people knowing God personally in this nation, it also means for those who seeks to know God in this nation are genuine in their faith, wanting to know God personally despite their family opposition and views of others.

From 15th century to now, God has been calling his people to reach his people in Japan.  Come join to plant the seeds of Gospel and witness his work in Japan.

About the Ministry:

Fukuoka is largest city in Kyushu island with the population of 1.5million people and continually growing in its population.  Campus ministry will be our main form of evangelism during this trip.  We will be collaborating with JCCC to develop personal relationship to university students.  Currently, JCCC ministry is active Kyushu Sangyo University and Seinan Gakuin University, where 10 to 15 people gather for gatherings.  We will reach to students through relational evangelism and various fellowship events to bring one soul at a time to God’s Kingdom.

Atlanta / Wave 1 / $3,900