Campus Ministry / Personal Evangelism / Local Church

A nation of materialistic abundance but of spiritual famine, Japan is one of the countries with the highest suicide rates and many false idols. Because of this reality, it is needless to say that Japan is in need of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

God desires to raise more workers who will embrace this nation and plant the seeds of the Gospel and prayer.

About the Ministry:
Students on university campuses are the main target audience of the Gospel. Due to their distrust of strangers and individualistic culture, building solid relationships is the main focus of the ministry. Relationships are built through personal meetings, fellowship activities and occasional events such as a Christmas party. Because Japanese students are mostly new to the message of Christ and may have negative feelings toward religion, the ministry there is very intentional. Although many students find religion irrelevant to themselves, more and more are being transformed by the Gospel.

Bay Area / Wave 2 / $3,500
SoCal / Wave 1 / $3,500
SoCal / Wave 2 / $3,550