2017 Stint Timeline


  • Application Due Date: 2/16/2018 Friday
    • Application Fee: $100
    • Interview –You will receive an email or a call within 2 weeks for an interview after you submit a complete application including a fee.
  • Training
    • There is mandatory 4 week training every Saturday in March (9am-5pm)
    • When there is a valid conflict of schedule, we may arrange a make up session for you. This will be determined case by case.
  • Support Raising
    • You are required to raise amount needed for your Stint year before your departure. You will receive training and coaching to help you raise the support.
    • If you want to know more why we raising support for Stint, you can read Cru policy at this link.
  • Stint Briefing Conference – you will need to attend Stint briefing conference in August before your departure. The conference is held in Chicago with all the Stinters being sent by Cru.
  • Send Off Service – Your sending city will arrange a send off service for you
  • Departure – Depending on your receiving country, you will depart at the end of August or sometime in September.
  • Return Date from Stint – Your return date will be end of July.


Timeline by Month


Month What You Need to Do
February 2017 Application Due 2/16/18
March 2017 Training: Every Saturday 9-5
April 2017- Aug. 2017 Raise Support
August 2017 Chicago Briefing Conference Send Off Service Departure
July 2018 Return to the States – end of July