Campus Ministry / Personal Evangelism

Japan has been known as the forerunner of technology and home to the most innovative gadgets and indispensable electronics. While the country may seem to have all the best aspects of the Western world, they lack the most crucial one: a Christian presence.

The people of Japan might be one of the most spiritually disengaged groups in the world. Dictated by consumerist ideals and goals, when a person’s world falls apart in Japan, they believe that they have nothing left to push on for. Suicides are too much of a norm in this country. Though the spiritual atmosphere may make the work difficult, the nation’s spiritual temperature is also a sign of the great need of the Gospel.

As the country rebuilds from its recent disaster, people ponder “Why?” Many are searching for purpose and hope. Assist them in seeing that God’s peace is the only thing capable of helping them move forward.

Come and help them believe the words, “Give me Jesus!”

New York / Wave 1: end of May – July 2 / $4,200
SoCal / Wave 2: June 25 – July 28 / TBA