Campus Ministry / Personal Evangelism

War. Communism. A heaping bowl of noodles. Perhaps these are the things that first come to mind when you first think of SEA. But, in recent years, the country has grown through open doors and economic reforms. General stability within the country has risen as the country has strayed from its stringent Communist ideals.

Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism have strongly influenced the religious and cultural life of the people. About 85% of Vietnamese identify with Buddhism, though not all practice on a regular basis. Although the people of SEA are familiar with Christianity because of the country’s ties with the Western world, only about 8% of the population call themselves Christians.

Friendly students await conversations.

Come and experience the Holy Spirit as He arranges divine appointments with various students.

Atlanta / 1st Wave / $3,900
Boston / 1st Wave / TBA
SoCal / 2nd Wave / TBA

STINTers go to top universities in the H-city and get to develop relationships student. Each week, local students lead the fellowship and every other week, an evangelistic outreach is planned. Help organize Movie Nights, English Corner, and connect deeply with the culture.